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Career Strategy Coaching
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Career Strategy Coaching

Coach Veronica brings to every coaching session over 20 years of experience from the marketplace in education, the financial industry and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

She recognizes that new strategies are necessary to obtain career goals and keep pace with our current global marketplace. Veronica is a lifelong learner committed to helping others create a growth plan and achieve success in today's marketplace.

Veronica coaches people who wish to improve their work satisfaction, change jobs, or make a career transition. She acts as both a catalyst and facilitator. She can do everything from helping people to clarify their career direction or to preparing the client for interviews and helping them overcome obstacles in their new job.

Coach Veronica offers exceptional hands-on training for women from diverse backgrounds in the marketplace.

Depending on your coach's services it may include coaching by job visits, home visits, by phone or internet web skyping to eliminate geographic boundaries.

IAB Resume Writing Services
I Am Becoming offers resume writing services at an affordable rate. Having a distinctive resume is essential in today's marketplace. You must know key words, creative presentation and how to get your resume noticed in the piles of emails or upon a desk. We'll be happy to assist you to gain the leading advantage! 

Career Coaching Professional Fees

* A Free 1-Hour Initial Coaching Consultation
* $69.00/per hour Coaching Session
* Gift Certificates Available In Any Amount
* No-Cost Sponsorships For Those Who Qualify
* Purchase Coaching Packages Below

** PLEASE NOTE: Before purchasing your coaching session, please contact our office to schedule your FREE initial interview and assessment appointment to see if our coaching style is right for you.

IAB Admission Consultation:
IS THIS YOUR FIRST TIME ATTENDING I AM BECOMING? Before starting, you need to schedule an admission consultation. We are happy to meet with you to select your personal coach and/or classes, programs or seminars best suited for your needs to maximize your personal growth. Please visit our Contact Us page.

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